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Hi! Thanks for dropping in. My name is Vikki Mount aka “The Writer From Oz” As the "Oz" bit suggests, I am from good ol' Ozzie land aka Australia. I am primarily a writer and photographer but currently I am investigating the world of the Internet Entrepreneur on the side. You may want to ask if I have earned any money from my endeavours. The answer is “Yes” but not the kind of money that has me skipping down the street declaring, “Yay! I can finally give up my day job!” That said, I know I will get there eventually thanks to the education I am receiving from the programs I have purchased thus far. :-)

This web site is dedicated to finding products and programs that do the job that they promise they will. No outlandish guarantees of generating thousands of dollars a month. Just products that deliver outstanding value for money, excellent tips and software that will help you build your internet business without breaking the bank. What I have discovered in my education is that there is no quick fix solution that works for everyone. Time, effort and dedication to the process are required. :-)

You also need good tools to bring people to your web site or blog. Essential tools for the budding Internet Entrepreneur are as follows: -

  • A Host. To be a successful Internet Entrepreneur, at some point you are going to need at least one web site and as you grow and learn, probably more. Paying for individual hosting could prove expensive, particularly as you want to expand your business and build more web sites.

    Hopefully my experience will help you make the right decision with your hosting.

    First I tried Mattie Blaze. The upside on Mattie Blaze is they offer free templates. The down side is their support sucks. When I had issues with web sites going down, I just couldn't get onto them when I needed them. They only offered business hours support. Being an Aussie meant when they were open I was in bed. That said, when I issued support tickets, I would be ignored. The problem would resolve in the meantime but if you had built a web site for someone and they wanted answers immediately for why their web site is off the air, you wouldn't be able to give it to them.

    Due to this reason, I then tried Just Host which was by far the cheapest I had found. I thought I was onto a winner given they offered 24/7 support but when I had an issue with web sites going down I couldn't get onto their support. When I tried I got cut off over and over so I also gave them the boot. Also their support, when you got onto it, was extremely rude and condescending. I found you get what you pay for. So far the cheapest I found was Just Host but I have decided to move my web sites away from them due to difficulty getting through to support and too much down time.

    After much research and testing of these different hosts, I have finally settled on a host that not only gives 24/7 techncial support but are the most reliable I have found so far - Hostgator. They have also been given the thumbs up by my very fussy techy friends who run web design businesses.

    Hostgator is definitely NOT the cheapest available out there but the price is affordable and so far they are the most reliable and offering the best support. Here's what Hostgator offers : -

    * 24/7 support via phone and Live Chat.
    * A choice of very affordable single or unlimited domains plans. I recommend you
    go unlimited
    * CPanel
    * Word Press, Fantastico and much more.
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  • An Autoresponder. This is a program that sends automatically generated email messages when someone subscribes to your mailing list. Building a mailing list is a number one money spinner for the gurus out there. Aweber is favoured by the gurus due to the anti-spam protection issues. Aweber is a respected service with an extremely high deliverabilty rate. That said there are monthly fees involved.

    If you can afford Aweber, all well and good. Go for it. However, for newbies on a budget just breaking into the Internet Entrepreneur game, this may be a monthly expense you just can’t justify until you are earning decent money from your Internet endeavours. Therefore you need to check out the Best FREE Ebook Ever. You can not only own Media Autoresponder for as little as $10, (I recommend you spend $37 – read the book to see why) you can sell it as well! It can be a little tricky to set up but once it's going it's a little beauty. It’s a must have in the budding Internet Entrepreneur box of tools when you are starting out.

    You can also try Autoresponder Unlimited but personally I found that one a little buggy and lacking the features Media Autoresponder has. Try them both if you want. You can access them both via the Best FREE Ebook Ever.
  • An Article Spinner. Submitting articles to article directories is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web site or blog. An article spinner is an excellent tool to turn one article into hundreds of different articles by replacing words with synonyms (appropriate words with the same meaning), changing the sentences to say the same thing in a different way and even replacing paragraphs with those same sentences repeated in a different order. Those paragraphs can also be placed in a different order, providing the content continues to flow and is easily understood.

    That said, it does take a little effort on your part to ensure all words chosen make sense. Please read my article "How to Spin Articles Effectively in 8 Easy Steps". This gives an overview of what you need to be careful about when you spin articles. It is an art but an easy one to master. You just need to care about the enjoyment of your readers.
  • An Article Submitter. Once you have written your article and spun it, you need to submit it. A good article submitter can subscribe you to over 700 article directories and confirms your subscription with a few clicks. You can then submit your articles that you have spun differently with your article spinner software, to all these article directories, again with a few clicks. Each directory will get a differently spun version of your article. If you have followed the tips in "How to Spin Articles Effectively in 8 Easy Steps" then hopefully your article will be accepted by the majority of them. Just ensure your original article is unique and written by you and not a plagiarised version of someone else's article that you have decided to spin. I would also suggest you submit your original version to Ezine Articles as they are currently ranked number one.

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